Recovery Point Objective and Recovery Time Objective

Sometimes disasters happen to your business that you aren’t prepared for – power outages, natural disasters, cyberattacks, you name it! While you have no control over these disasters, what you do have control over is the recovery of your business after these disasters occur. You want your business up and running as soon as possible. To do that, you should determine recovery point and time objectives – two metrics that should be met for a speedy and successful recovery.

Recovery Point Objective

Recovery point objectives (RPO) are a measurement of how much data can be lost before significant damage is done to your business. RPOs can also be used to determine the amount of time between the disaster and your last data backup and how often you should back up your data.

Most businesses back up their data at fixed intervals – every two hours, once every day, even once a week. We can discuss with your team what is a suitable RPO for your business, taking into consideration your needs and the cost of meeting those needs. RPOs are generally easier than recovery time objectives to implement, as data usage is generally consistent and has fewer variables than a disaster that can cause data loss.

Recovery Time Objective

Recovery time objectives (RTO) are the maximum amount of time that an application can be down and your business can function before permanent harm can occur. If your RTO is twelve hours, that means that your business can operate for twelve hours without its normal infrastructure.

The RTO determined for your business should be reasonable given the scale and needs of your business. A time of two hours cannot be met if the minimum restore time is three hours. It is up to your IT department to determine the RTO.

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