Service Monitoring and Remediation Management

Unexpected events can occur while running your business – a transaction can fail, your website fails to load, or someone decides to launch a cyberattack against your company! You may wonder, “What can I do to stop these events from happening?”. It is difficult to stop them, but there are steps we can take in advance to address these issues. Service monitoring and remediation management are two practices that can aid your business in overcoming these events and keep operations running smoothly.

Service Monitoring

When an application fails, it may seem like several things are failing at once. How do you go about figuring out where the failure occurred? That’s where service monitoring comes in. It will keep track of the services running in an application, such as server load and memory usage. If it discovers any issues, it will notify you. Issues can range anywhere from errors with connecting to your database or server to a client being unable to complete a transaction on your website.

Remediation Management

Once the risks and errors have been assessed, action must be taken to address them. That’s where remediation management comes in. It will assess the report and determine what matter or matters should be addressed first, taking into consideration the severity of the risk and the amount of time that would be needed to address it.

While it may seem daunting and costly to implement, it would actually save you money in the long term. Planning for these risks ahead of time will save time in addressing them later on, and in turn, reduce costs and improve the security of your business. It will also give your clients a piece of mind knowing that they can trust you with keeping their data safe and secure.


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