Video Marketing on Social Media

As technology and social media evolves, so does the way we advertise. Wherever you go, you’re bound to run into some sort of video advertising a product or service. You may be thinking that creating marketing videos is more effort than it’s worth. You may also be surprised by not only how effective they are, but also how easy it can be to make an eye-catching marketing video.

Why are Videos so Popular?

Nowadays, you’ll see videos wherever you go - social media, news sites, even the Google search results page! They seem almost necessary with how prevalent they are. There are a number of reasons they are a popular method of marketing. Here are a few of them:

Videos can be short and sweet - Videos are an effective way of communicating a message in a short amount of time. The use of audio and visuals can help convey a clear message in seconds that will also leave an impression on the viewer.

Videos are easy to view on mobile devices - It’s rare to find someone without a smartphone these days, and with people constantly on the move (traveling, commuting, hanging out with friends, etc.), you need to find ways to advertise your company to them. Videos are an effective way of marketing because not only can they be viewed anywhere (since it’s all on the internet), but they are also easy to view on mobile devices. It makes consuming your content easier and more enjoyable than reading an article about your product.

Videos can help with search engine optimization (SEO) - Oftentimes, Google will display video(s) on their search engine page results (SERPs) for certain queries, making them one of the first things people will see when searching for something. People may click on the video and like what they see. They’ll click on a link in the description or they’ll share it with others. These actions can lead to more traffic to your site and more visibility in SERPs. Websites sometimes incorporate videos onto their homepage, even as a background. Using videos in this manner can reduce bounce rates, as it keeps people interested and on your site.

Types of Videos

There are many types of videos that can be used to market your company. Here are just a few:

  • Demo videos - Show how your product works.
  • Educational/How-to videos - Teach your audience something new.
  • Explainer videos - Why do people need my product?
  • Customer testimonials - Hear from people who have used my product.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating video content.

Tips to Making a Marketing Video

Making a good marketing video is not difficult. A high quality video is always strived for, but that isn’t the only thing that makes for a good video. Here are some tips to making an effective marketing video:

Grab their attention immediately - People have short attention spans, so use the first few seconds of your video wisely to draw them in. An interesting or eye-catching thumbnail can also catch people’s attention.

Tell a story without sound - There are times when people are unable to listen to the audio of your video. If they can’t understand your video without it, they may skip it and resume scrolling through their feed. To overcome this, include visuals, subtitles, and descriptions for your video.

Create engagement - Include a call to action. Ask the viewer to like, comment, and share your video. You can also pose a question to the viewer to answer in the comments section to help start a conversation.

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