Progressive Web Apps

Not just a regular website, a progressive web app can adapt and react quickly in order to offer an engaging user experience that is compatible across all modern platforms. The following aspects are what we follow in order to create your progressive web app.


Making your web app progresive means that it will work for every user no matter which browser they are on. There are many different web browsers to choose from but popular ones include Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari.


When we create your progressive web app, we ensure that it is responsive to fit any screen size. This means that your web app is guaranteed to fit any desktop, mobile, or tablet screen plus any future technologies.

Connectivity Independent

When there is no wifi, web applications cannot function properly. Progressive web apps, on the other hand, are enhanced with service workers to make sure that you are able to work offline or with a low quality network.


Progressive web apps use the app-shell model in order to provide an app like feel. The shell provides navigation and interactions so you feel as if you are in an app but are still in the web. In other words, this means that your progressive web app can easily be turned into a desktop or mobile application.


In any other project of ours we provide manual updates and maintenance with client approval. With progressive web apps, the server worker update process does all the work for us, meaning you app is will always be functional and looking great.


With your progressive web app you will always be in good hands. All progressive web apps are served with an HTTPS protocol which means your data is encrypted to protect your privacy and integrity.


Reaching your audience is as easy as 1-2-3. Progressive web apps use manifests and server worker registration in order to allow search engines to find them. This means anyone searching for something similar to your app, will most certainly find you.


Any app is only as good as when people use it. Getting someone to try out your generic app is easy, getting them to come back though might be challenging. With progressive web apps re-engagement with your audience is easy through features such as push-notifications and background-sync.


One problem with ordinary web apps is finding the exact same site again. Your progressive web app will have the option to be installable which will allow users to keep any apps that they find useful on their home screen.


Last but not least, your progressive web app will be “linkable”. Sharing your progressive web app will be as easy as handing someone else the URL. Therefore, if you are simply handing someone a URL, installation will be easy and won’t require complex instructions.

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