Real Estate

When dealing with home buyers, it is important to be transparent. Buying and selling homes is not cheap and it is important to keep the customer happy. From rental properties to prime acreage, we've developed both comprehensive back-office management and engaging public listing applications.

MLS Integration

Dynamically and automatically download and upload your listings to your municipality's multiple listing service. MLS integration can make your content more engaging for buyers leading to more lucrative sales for your sellers; all while reducing your administrative overhead.

Back-Office Management

There are a lot of aspects in order to close a deal on selling a home. By creating a back-office management software, it is possible to combine these individual aspects into one. We can create an application for you that includes full transaction management, e-signature and state forms, commission tracking, agent statements, agent onboarding and the ability to set up your own reports.

Engaging Public Listing Applications

First impressions are everything and it is possible to simply overlook someone's inquiry about a house you have for sale. Having an engaging public listing application allows you to interact and communicate with potential clients easily and more efficiently. Together, we can create an application with the ability to create client profiles, record client conversations, and track client interests.

Want to Learn More?

This is just a sample of what we can do. We have 15 years of experience working in nearly every technology and industry. Whatever you are doing, we've done it and are prepared to tackle your project. Reach out and we will discuss it with you.